The Montessori Approach

 Montessori Methods for Dementia, Disability and Ageing is a model of care, that focuses on supporting both the person and the environment which is adapted to support memory loss and independence.

We are unable to change the terrible effects of dementia or other disabilities but by embracing Montessori principles and implementing prepared environments (including meaningful activities, roles and environmental cueing) we can improve quality of life and outcomes for our elders or those living with dementia and/or other disabilities.

The result is that older adults particularly those living with dementia and disability  are able to make meaningful contributions to their community, engage in meaningful activities in addition to having the opportunity to maintain, and even restore independence and function.

The approach is flexible, innovative and grounded in research.

I have spent 38 years working in aged care trying to make a change, usually on my own in an organisation where I was often told that my expectations are way too high.

You collect like-minded people along the way as your friends and colleagues like pebbles and pop them in your pocket for when you need them. It is hard work trying to change and imbedded culture.

When I saw a flyer about Anne’s Montessori course my first thought here we go,  another course with no practical application to help us to make a change, I still attended (still living in hope) , it was music to my ears simple practical ways to improve the lives of our residents in aged care.

It is the simple things in life that are important relationships, feeling valued, having choice, feeling safe and loved, having things to do, maintaining our independent even in a small way.

Anne Kelly is an inspiration and she has keeps me passionately trying to make a better life for our elderly and people living with dementia.

Julie Smith


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