Our new on-line Montessori for Dementia and Aging course enables organisations and team members to develop skills and knowledge throughout the Covid19 pandemic. There are three levels of training available for individual students. More information for individuals can be found in the E-Learning section on this website.

Organisations are able to choose from various options or an option can be developed specific to organisational needs. Organisations interested in packages for the training and mentoring of team members are asked to contact Montessori Consulting for more information.


  • Developing Montessori Environments Workshop. A 2 day workshop
  • Develop your own Montessori leaders by having them complete the competency ‘Developing Montessori Environments in Aged Care’ (Course Code 10066NAT).
    Successful completion enables the participant to be recognised as a competent Montessori resource for your care community as you work towards developing a Montessori environment.
  • Tailored training and information sessions for boards, management, families and volunteers

Or we can provide a tailored training package for you. Do you need short education sessions for all staff and volunteers, information sessions? Just ask.

As experienced aged care and dementia trainers we are able to meet your training needs in many areas including the Management of Aggression and other Responsive Behaviours.

Our P3 Behaviour Management Program provides the knowledge and skills for prevention of initiation or escalation of responsive and aggressive behaviours.

This two day program provides a solid base upon which Montessori for Dementia can be built.

Without a solid understanding of dementia and the triggers for behaviours of unmet need the application and success of Montessori for Dementia may be limited.

With aggression being one of the major Occupational Health & Safety concerns in aged care, P3 is valuable as a training program to reduce the incidence of both aggression and other behaviours of unmet need.

  • Planning strategies and interventions for the management of responsive and aggressive behaviours
  • Protection of staff, residents and others from the results of responsive and aggressive behaviours
    Used as the Behaviour management program by many aged care communities P3 teaches best practice principles and is based on an understanding of de-escalation of aggression and other behaviours of unmet needs.

The two-day Montessori for Ageing and Dementia Workshop focuses on applying the Montessori principles in the workplace. Participants in this workshop will learn about the Montessori Principles , along with practical “hands-on” opportunities to apply the techniques and consider how this philosophy of care can be adopted for care communities. The first day of the program focuses on the facts (knowledge) and the second day focuses on putting the concepts into practice for specific people, activities and environments. The training is inspiring and fun.

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