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Anne Kelly


Anne Kelly is a registered nurse, Aged Care Montessorian and Dementia Consultant.

She is currently the Director of Montessori Consulting in Australia. Anne also holds qualifications in Post Graduate Dementia Management, Assessment and Workplace Training and Dementia Care Mapping. She has worked extensively in aged and dementia care both residential and community for the past 38 years.

In 2009 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to further study Montessori methods for Dementia Care.  Since this time Anne has continued to build her reputation as an experienced Aged Care Montessorian and she is now in demand to provide mentoring and training in Montessori methods for organization’s wishing to embrace Montessori methods into practice. Her work takes her across Australia and the world.

Anne is considered an Australian and World leader in Montessori Methods for aged care and dementia. She is the chair of the Association of Montessori Internationale Scientific Pedagogical committee on Montessori for Dementia and Ageing. This committee has established trainer standards and an international certification for the application of Montessori principles into aged care. The committee is committed to the training of trainers in countries around the world to ensure sustainability of a model that has the potential to change the face of aged care one step at a time.

Anne is well known throughout Australia. Her training is motivational, inspiring and she has been asked to speak about Montessori and the potential it has to change the lives of elderly people including those people living with dementia at many organisations and conferences both in Australia and across the world.

Anne published her first book in 2017, Forgetfulness, Feelings and Farnarkling, a book that examines where aged care has come from, where we are now and where we need to be.

Helen Haynes


Personal experience through providing support and care for a family member led Helen to discovering her passion for working with people living with dementia and this in turn led to her discovery of the application of Montessori methods to improve outcomes and quality of life for those living with dementia. This experience began an 8 year journey of discovery and developing a depth of knowledge in all things Montessori and aged care. Starting in aged care as a lifestyle assistant the only model she knows is Montessori.

Helen went on to become a Lifestyle Coordinator and then a Montessori team leader in a Memory Support Unit. From here she has continued to work with care communities to mentor staff on the floor and help organisations develop a Montessori model of care. Helen has a unique ability to work with all levels of staff in a respectful and embracing way while being able to build wonderful relationships with those p[eople living with dementia and their families with whom she works.

Helen describes herself as having a big heart and a big smile.

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