Montessori and the Aged Care Standards

Montessori is closely aligned to the aged care standards:

Standard 1:

Consumer Dignity and Choice

Dignity, choice, respect and the right to take risks to live the best possible life.


Standard 2:

Ongoing Assessment and planning with consumers

Looking at why the behaviour, spaced retrieval to meet a person’s goals and wishes.


Standard 3:

Personal Care and Clinical Care

3 W’s model, task breakdown and cue cards to promote independence and enablement, preventing excess disability.


Standard 4:

Services and supports for daily living

Support health and well being to optimise quality of life by doing things of interest to maintain emotional and psychological well-being, promote independence through the prepared environment.


Standard 5:

Organisations Service Environment

An environment that fosters belonging, supports function, independence and interactions with others, community connections and involvement and ability to make true choices.


Standard 6:

Feedback and Complaints

Respecting and honouring the person, an environment where people feel they belong and are able to make suggestions and give feedback freely.


Standard 7:

Human Resources

having skilled, knowledgeable and dementia trained staff, employing for emotional intelligence, professional development programs, good leadership, staff and resident recognition programs.


Standard 8:

Organisational Governance

Supporting better practice principles, understanding dementia and supporting strategies that support the older person to live fully.

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